Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cape Cod Nautical

As the snow is falling outside my window this Saturday morning, I'm browsing trough some old Cape Cod pics from last summer and dream away.

I don't recall where they are all from.

This sail cloth duffel bag shop is from Main Street, Chatham though.  
Eye candy!

I love the classic Cape Cod houses with their characteristic weathered shingles and white trim.  I could live very happily in one of those houses above, with all my blue and white striped shirts, neatly folded in a walk in closet and an assortment of Sperry boat shoes by the door.

I'm not sure what it is about the sea, beach towns, marinas and nautical images and patterns that captures me.

I find red white and blue, especially in striped form, 
to be just stunning.
You should know how many blue and white striped shirts I have in my closet.  I can't get enough.
I think the stripes magically take me to a happy place - the ocean.

Old ships in the marina with names that makes your imagination wander... I find them captivating...

They pull me in.

Double Trouble 
Don't you wonder how?

I am a nautical goddess! 
(No, not me, silly, her, Artemis.)

Old and rusty with a simple (seemingly random) number just enhances the beauty of the ship.  
I wouldn't like to have a rusty boat myself (if I had one), but I could look at somebody else's boat and think it's a "beaut".

An old weathered and worn pulley in all it's charm.
Would love to put it on my wall.

I am dreaming away to the approaching summer and to the coast.
I can almost hear the waves and the seagulls on the beach and feel the warmth of the sun that is about to set.
This is a place that makes me happy.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Came across some gorgeous native leeks today. Looks like potato leek soup will be served soon. Unplanned, but these beauties are hard to resist. In to the grocery cart they went.

What's your favorite leek recipe?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Bit of Old England in New England

While out walking my dog this morning at Delaney, I stumbled upon a FOX HUNT.

It was the Old North Bridge Hounds out of Concord, MA,
 hunting in our Stow forests on this gorgeous fall day.

Although they call it hunting, there are no actual animals being chased.

Two legged "foxes" lay a scent trail for the hounds to sniff and follow.

There were 9 beautiful HOUNDS leading the hunt.
Sooooo eager to go, you should have heard them.

Here is the "tail"end of the fox hunt, on their way back to their temporary camp.

Horses and hounds are taken care of and the Fox Hunt ends with tailgating.

These people were the friendlies bunch I've ever run into.
I was offered tailgating "tea" and Bloody Mary's and they shared stories with me.

Makes me wanna join the fun.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lavender Wands

Just couldn't stand my "Merry Christmas" wish anymore, so I just went ahead and skipped about six MONTHS(!!!) forward to some lovely LAVENDER.

My friend Cara invited me over to show me how to make lavender wands.

You cut enough for a small bouquet, we used 13 flowers.
An uneven number is key for weaving the band through the stems.
Also, pick them while buds are still unopened, and about 20" should be enough.

Cut about a yard of thin ribbon, line up the bottom buds, and tie a double knot just below.
(Remove any little stray buds or leaves on the stems before you start.)
Turn bouquet upside-down and start folding down the stems just at the ribbon point.

Pull out the ribbon and start weaving through the stems.
It doesn't matter if you weave clockwise or counter clockwise.
Experienced Cara weaved looser than me which created a bit more of a bulbous wand.


and weave,

and weave until you reach the last lavender buds trapped inside.

Bring the ribbon around and up under,

then wrap around to desired length.

Finish off with a bow tie and trim the stems.


A lavender wand to put in your unmentionables drawer, in the napkin ring at the dinner table (NOT interchangeably!!!), or just about anywhere you want something pretty and home made that smells fantastic.

Thank you Cara for showing me how to do these!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finding Christmas

Last weekend I found the Christmas spirit that I was missing.
This is how I found it.

On Saturday morning,
we went to Bolton Spring Farm to pick out our Christmas tree.

While my three men were picking through the options,
(this is a very important decision, you know)
I had a cup of hot apple cider in the sun.
Wow, I realize that you can actually see my eyes behind
these shades. I need to get a new pair to hide behind.

I also checked out the roping.
I want it all, to wrap around everything inside and outside the house.
It smells and looks sooo good.
But I don't think we're getting any this year.
Didn't stop me from taking deep breaths of their fresh pine:y scent though.

My men decided on a beautiful Fraser Fir tree,
A lot shorter, and more appropriately sized this year.
We took it home, set it up, and turned on the Christmas music.
We had more hot cider and some warm cider donuts, and started decorating.
Strange though, after the cider and donuts where gone,
so where my little helpers?!?

I added some Christmas on top of my grandfather's old silver tray.

And added some more "tablescaping" and "mantelscaping".
(Those are words I just recently learned.
For all of you also new to these words, they basically mean
to tastefully accessorize and decorate tables and mantels.)
I'm not showing more than what you see above
so that you may not judge me.

Oh, and I also decorated the wreath (doorscaping???) that my husband got,
with ribbon and owls so that when UPS and FedEx delivers boxes,
they have something peaceful to look at
before they meet my Security and Customs representative.
My Boston Terror, Mr Sanders.

Then I had to go in to Boston to help out at the annual Swedish Yuletide.
On my way there,
I passed by Christmas Carolers singing beautifully on Newbury Street.
Wow, now THAT gave a spirit boost.

I had a big Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks
and shopped a bit at Cartier.
Not really, I am on the chubby side, while my wallet isn't,
so that was just in my imagination.

Outside the Prudential, I saw the biggest Christmas tree ornament EVER.

No pictures from the Yuletide, I was too busy working,
but on the way home I walked through Boston Common and saw its Christmas tree.
So I'll show you that instead.

And lastly, I watched people skating on Frog Pond
to the sound of Christmas tunes.

At the end of this day, I had found Christmas.
Good thing, cause it's really getting close now.