Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peach blossoms on Shelburne Farm

One of the things I like about living in the small town that I do, is all the farms and orchards we have so close at our hands. Our children are growing up with several friends that live on farms, and my two boys are so lucky to get to run around with their friends, picking apples, strawberries, tasting peaches and petting sheep, horses, bunnies and chasing chickens.

My youngest son has a good friend who lives on Shelburne Farm, the oldest pick-your-own apple orchard in eastern Massachusetts. I visited today after the owner had sent me an e-mail saying that the peach trees were in bloom. Thank you!

Shelburne Farm's chocolate lab ran ahead of me through the apple orchard and led the way to the peach trees. So funny, as if she knew where I was going. As I approached the peach trees, there was an amazing buzzing sound from hundreds of bees flying from flower to flower. So quick, and so busy, as if they had to visit every flower before the sun sets.
Near leafless trees, covered in thousands of delicate pink little blooms. It's quite the sight for the eye. I can't seem to capture with the camera exactly what I experienced. Peach blossoms, on its own or en masse, either way they are so beautiful.
The trees will bear fruit ready to eat around August, which seems like an eternity from now. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and hopefully no damaging frost nights will threaten this years crop. Because I'm planning to sit on this bench below with my sons eating the first peaches of the season.


  1. Annelie, you've certainly captured Spring with those blossoms. Really lovely photos. And, yes, August does seem a quite far away!

  2. Those peach blossoms are so beautiful! I know of a few gardeners near here that successful grow Reliance. I might just have to try it!

  3. Vad ljuvligt underbart inlägg! Vilken lycka att kunna bo så till som du gör. Jag kan riktigt se framför mig persikoträdens alla blommor genom dina bilder.

    Vackert skrivet om att du tänker avnjuta säsongen första persikor sittandes på bänken tillsammans med din son.

    Ha det så jättebra Annelie!

    Nu ska jag ut till växthuset och förhoppningsvis så de sista fröerna.


  4. Underbart fint. Vilka färger alltså. Så mysigt det låter också, när du beskriver.:-) Kram Stina

  5. I loved that about living there too - all the farms and rural life my kids were able to experience. Say hello to Shelburne and its family for us!

  6. Persikoblomm, så underbart! kul att du hittade min blogg så hittade jag hit, kommer att återvända. allt gott/Sophia

  7. Helt otroligt ljuvliga bilder och du förmedlar verkligen känslan av att stå mitt i denna blomsterfärgring och både höra och se vad du såg! Persikoblomster - låter som en dröm!

    Du tar SÅ fina bilder!

    Kram, Helena

  8. Hej!
    Vilken fin sida du har med superfina bilder :)Här ska jag kika runt lite mer.
    Må gott!// Helena

  9. Jag älskar persikoblomning!
    Visst är de vackert.
    Ha en skön helg


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