Saturday, January 30, 2010

Creating Light in the Darkness

Why not create a little bit of coziness in your garden with a snowball lantern? Start with a ring of snowballs and then build up. I used a gap on the side to put in a lit tea light, but you can also do it from the top.


  1. Grace says "that is awesome!"

  2. Thank you. Next I'll make an ice lantern. Hope she'll like that one too.

  3. I love that glow in the dark. I'll have to make one.

    It gives me an idea for my winter's end snowman. Usually he just holds a sign that says 'The End Is Near' but this time I think his 'heartburn' is going to be visible. Or at least at night.

  4. I agree. One of my favorite things wintertime is candles. Placing them outside is extra special. If you make that snowman, take a picture and let me know.

  5. Alas, what snow was left had the consistency of a Slurpee and by the next day it was gone from the yard. Hope remains, it's still so early I'm bound to get a couple more good snowstorms.

    I have a shortcut to this post in case it does happen. I want to make sure credit due goes to the right place if it does happen :)


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