Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tug of War

I tilt my head back,
let the sun touch my face
The rays are hot, strong, intense
Heating my face, making my cheeks red and hot
The rays of spring,
Quickly turning the rooftop snow to water
Hitting the puddle below
The sense of spring is tickling my spirits
I hear the busy woodpecker,
I hear the chirping birds
Spring is approaching
Warming me up
Then I hear it,
The wind, traveling through the pine
Rushing to tell me differently
I remove my hands from my pockets get the hair out of my face,
but quickly put them back again
The tug of war has begun,
between winter and spring.
by Annelie Connolly


  1. Hi...nice blog site. I love the winter photos, especially the one that looks like cotton tops. Nice poem too..a hidden talent? S

  2. Thank you so much for visiting!

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  4. wonderful poem! LOVE the swan pictures. that makes me sad... we didn't stick around long enough to see them on the river this season.

  5. Thanks M, swans are so beautiful, aren't they. I'm sure you'll see a whole number of different animals in NM. Maybe you should take some pic's and I'll put u in as a guest?

  6. Lovely! You words and photos are very beautiful!

  7. I LOVE your poem! So true...that this time of year is a "tug of war between winter and spring"!

  8. Thank you Fresh 365 and Suzanne. My first attempt at a poem. Hesitated before I posted it. The positive response does wonders for my confidence.


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