Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nesting, a cute little shop in Concord

I have just discovered another shop to add to my favorite list. It's Nesting on Main in Concord, MA. Little soap bubbles lead the way up the stairs to this Main Street shop.
Every item placement seem deliberate and random at the same time, and that is what is so fascinating. My imagination starts to wander as I watch these arrangements. It's almost like being at a museum. Does that sound strange?
The store is a dreamy collection of antiques, vintage, and small scale production items. Every display is created with great imagination and playfulness. The mushrooms above are made of cement and are priced from $8 and up. The morels, in particular, caught my eye.
There is a great deal of variety in the shop, most within the garden and nature theme. As Easter is approaching, I find that their large selection of bird related items, like little nests, and different size and color eggs, will be perfect decorating for the season.
I find myself caught up in an intense desire of wanting to decorate my house. Nesting is a very appropriate name for this shop. If you're ever in Concord, make sure to take some time to browse around in this place. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Thank you for your kind comment which let me find your blog too! You've chosen the perfect title for your blog, so many different sides of nature you're showing. The lovely shop you describe in this post is just what I also like to visit! Unfortunately I never go home then with empty hands...but with almost an empty purse ;-) !
    Greetings from a wintery garden again,

  2. Hej!

    Jag såg dig i Feddjitlistan just.. En så fin shop ni har där, så många godsaker att vilja ha....:-) Jag addade mig, vi ses igen!

  3. Barbara,I too have a hard time in these kinds of shops. I left this one empty handed, except for my camera and my new pictures. But, I have plans to go back soon. I saw quite a few things I'd like to put my paws on.

    Vad kul att du addade mig, Trädgårdsmästaren. Tack. Ja, en massa godsaker hade de. Planerar att åka tillbaks nästa vecka för att inhandla några saker till påskdekoration. Jag har upptäkt flera saker nu i efterhand på mina bilder som jag måste se vad de kostar. Gillar verkligen uggletavlan.


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