Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're going green

Well, sort of. With a few days of sun and above seasonal temperatures, and a day well above with 90˚F (32˚C), my garden is turning green faster than I've ever seen it transform before.




Would anyone happen to know what this plant is? My neighbor, who doesn't speek much English gave it to me. I'm guessing it's som kind of succuluent. Its snakelike stems get about 12" tall, it doesn't need any attention and barely any water. It's the coolest plant.


  1. Hej Annelie!

    Vad det växer hos dig (avundsjuk men inte missunnsam...)! Växten du undrar över verkar ju vara en fetbladsväxt av något slag, men ser väldigt lik ut någon slags Törel i blomman/överst. Jag har massor av sådana men som inte har så tjocka stammar som dina.

    Lycka till i namnjakten!

  2. You really are going green ;-) Your Irises are so tall already.

  3. Nice!

    You may want to check your feed over at Blotanical. For your past couple of posts, a broken link page pops up.

  4. Hello!
    Gu så skönt det ser ut med allt det frodigt gröna!!!!!
    Och sidan har fått en fin vårfärg ser jag. Snyggt!

    VÄxten är en rosenrot, viktig ört för hälsokostare... Jag skickar en bildlänk så kan du själv hitta mer info och engelskt namn kanske...

  5. Härlig blogg! Vi har skaffat en kolonilott och kollar gärna runt på bloggar för att få idéer.

  6. I'm so not knowledgeable when it comes to plants..., just came in from my yard, and it's awesome to see everything bloom and do fine..., especially since we've just planted everything last fall!

  7. I love your greens! The second shot is funny - I can see a face there! Thank you for the comments on my blog!

  8. Susan: Not sure what is wrong. I'll investigate.
    Hocking Hills, saw you're the most active member at Blotanical. You sure get around.
    Maya: I'm not all that great with names either. That's when all blogger connections come in handy. Nice to hear your plants survived their first winter.

    Tatyana: Welcome!!! Loved your LV posting.

  9. Charlotte: Tack för hjälpen i namnjakten. Fantastiskt vilken hjälp man kan få av bloggarvänner.

    Hillevi: Grönt är skönt. Tack för hjälpen, det verkar vara just en rosenrot som du sa. Kul och interessant att läsa om den. Kanske man skulle skriva om.

    Måns: Vad spännande med en kolonilott. Visst finns det fantastisk inspiration och goda ideer i blogvärlden?

  10. Tatyana, I forgot to mention that I too, saw the face. :)

  11. I was always astonished by this in New England - that you could literally watch your garden grow. New plants would appear by the hour, things would grow inches in a day, and before you knew it, you had a JUNGLE to weed!

    oh, if only I could make my tiny patch of grass here turn green and maybe see a leaf open on a tree!!! :-) still -enjoying the fact that my yard takes 10 minutes to care for.

  12. Totally agree, Michelle. I think I can almost hear them grow. Things are happening a little too fast right now. Funny, somehow I imagine NM being way ahead of MA. Oh, this will make you happy you're not here right now - the blackflies are out. They literally attacked me getting out of the car today. Natural enemy, where art thou?
    My best to all!

  13. Hi Annelie, Your garden is looking great! Love the photos. Susan

  14. Hi Annelie,
    Also loved the photos of the gadening clothes. You might as well looked stylish while you are getting dirty. Go girl. Susan

  15. Thank you, Susan, for stopping by. Those gardening clothes sure makes it look romantic and stylish to poke around in your garden.


  16. Åh jaaa, meeeera gröööööönt! Hoppas ni har en härlig helg där borta i Amerikat. Här i Ängalandet har våren exploderat så till den milda grad att vi niger som blåsippor och går utan strumpor och skor - hurra!

    Varmaste hälsningar, Helena, The Swenglish Home

  17. Wonder what your mystery plant is? A Euphorbia? Does it ooze white latex if you beak the stem?

  18. Thank you Elephant's Eye, now I know the name in both English and Swedish. And, yes, it does ooze white stuff when you break the stem. Learned through Hillevissan, above, that it has some medicinal qualities.

  19. Hey Annelie,
    I saw a cool bulb you can plant at Costco called "elephant ear"...a rather large green leaf plant. Would look great in your yard.

  20. Hi- Thanks for visiting my blog. The euphorbia is also called Donkey Tail - It self-seeds very easily. But, if you get too many they are pretty easy to pull out.


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