Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soft Pebbels

Some creations are just so brilliant, like these Livingstones Pebbles below made by Stephanie Marin at Smarin Design in France. The oversized pebble pouffes are made of pure virgin wool and come in a variety of soft pebble colors. I love bringing nature inside, even if it's recreated, and when it's done as tastefully as this, I just go nuts.

I know my boys could have a ton of fun in a room like this.

I wonder just how comfortable that couch is?

Oooh, and ahhh, I like this bathroom. What a relaxing place to have a bath. The pebbles just brings that little extra coziness. Or, is it possible the candle light that lures me in? Perhaps, a little bit... but admit that there is something about smooth stones that touches your senses. Who hasn't picked up a stone, placed it against the cheek, to feel the smoothness?
All pictures by Smarin


  1. Ja men dom där 'stenarna' är ju bara supermysiga... Håller med dig...Tänk dig ett rum som på bilden med kudd-stenarna i en stor hög. Ett högkvalitativit bollhav.... mjukt och härligt och avstressande kan jag tänka mig istället för de hårda plastbollarna som det annars brukar vara. Eller varför inte ha en hög av de i en tv-hörna/spelhörna för våra barn...

    Ha' det bra!

  2. .... GAAAAaaahhhhh....!
    Bästa jag sett på länge, tack Annelie!
    Ha en go helg!

  3. These are gorgeous, so soft looking :)

  4. Hi Annelie. Thganks for visiting my blog. I have recently been stepping outside of the box reading new blogs. It's it amazing how we can meet people from all over the world that are so simular to ourselves and never leave the house.
    Lovely photos from the farm.
    The pebble pillows are crazy cool. I know my girls would have a ball in that room.
    Happy Thrusday

  5. Leslie, thanks yourself. I agree about how cool it is too meet new people with similar interests.
    I really want these pebble pillows too, they are crazy cool and also crazy expensive. If I win the lottery I'll buy them for sure. And, by the way, it's Friday today, silly!

  6. This is very interesting!! Something that my blogging friend Di would like

  7. Hey Annelie!!
    Gorgeous post! I love it.. Stone looking and cotton feeling!
    The look on the children's face say it all...

    About google translator... it sure helps but be careful, it can be very funny hahahahaha

    Green kisses!

  8. Love, LoVe, LOVE de där stenkuddmojängerna och har länge suktat efter dem! Mina enda tröst, då plånboken kvider vid tanken, är att de kanske inte skulle passa in i min saliga stilblandning... Eller kanske skulle de just det... ehm.

    Nå, på din begäran håller jag mig nu utanför mitt hus flera dagar i rad på bloggen... man måste ju hörsamma bloggläsarnas direktiv...eller? ;-D Risken är att ett och annat inne-inlägg letar sig in igen..., men då får du blunda. ;-)

    Ha nu en härlig helg där borta i Amerikatt!

  9. I've seen these awesome pebbles before..., but not this neat bathroom. And it is so true..., there's something about the smoothness! As so often in nature..., beauty you cannot quite grasp.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Ett så underbart badrum du visar!
    Trevlig helg

  11. Hi Annelie,
    I love these soon as I saw them I was trying to figure out if I could make them myself. I also imagined my boys throwing them at eachother (but let's try and not think about that!). Really awesome find. love all the pics as well...makes me want to get planting.


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