Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Red Ice Lantern

I usually add little branches, leaves or berries to my ice lanterns to make them decorative, but I never thought of adding food coloring to the water until I saw it in a magazine. A few drops of red food coloring was used in this one, which made it reddish - pink, but I bet blue would make for a really cool look. A tip for you if you try it out, be smart about where you leave it to melt so you don't end up with unintended spots of food coloring on your porch or deck.


  1. so I have heard of ice rings for bowls of punch, but I've never seen an ice lantern before. (did you make this in your freezer or outside?) that is seriously cool! good tip about the food coloring though. I wouldn't have thought of that in time.

  2. This one was small, so I stuck it in the freezer. If it's cold enough outside, you can make a big one using a bucket. They will last longer and make bigger impact.


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