Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thinking ahead

Entering February, I finally feel as though spring is getting closer. I can't wait to pick out seeds and seedlings for this year's crop. Something that I will buy more of this year is the cucumber plant. It was very rewarding to grow and the difference in taste and crunch is incomparable to that of a cucumber from the grocery store.


  1. I love this picture. It made me start thinking of what I want to plant this year. Do you have a particular variety of cucumber that you would recommend? Also, do cucumber plants need a growing cage?
    My favorite veg to plant is Swiss Chard, but I think I might also try cucumbers this year!

  2. Thank you! Unfortunately, I have no idea what variety this is. If I'm lucky, I'll discover a tag in the dirt in the spring and I'll let you know.
    A growing cage is probably a good idea. I bought a whole bunch of green bamboo sticks and a big roll of green paper-covered wire that I used for all staking needs in my garden.
    The cucumber grows so quickly that even the impatient (read me) grower is satisfied.
    Was the Swiss Chard easy to grow?


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