Monday, March 8, 2010

Birds and houses

I don't know much about birds other than that I like them. I love watching them in my garden and I sure enjoy listening to their chirps and singing. But I had never paid much attention to how they like to live, or nest, until I came upon these grand birdhouses. Wow, what bird wouldn't like one of these fabulous pads?

After doing a little bit of research, I found that just like for us humans, location is key. Different birds like different locations for their nest. For example, some like theirs on a tree stump or on a fence. Others in the crotch of a tree, or on a ledge over your front door. And, a bird that is not picky at all about where he nests is the wren.

The purple martin nests in groups, he wants a minimum of four rooms. I suppose the birdhouses that look like an apartment complex are built for attracting this bird. I was a little surprised at how fascinating birds nesting habits are. There is so much to learn and a lot to take into consideration when building or buying a house.

I have birds nesting in my yard, but I don't have any birdhouses, yet. Every once in a while I see a nice birdhouse in a store and think maybe I should get one and hang it up. But I have never known that what kind of house I buy and where I put it will determine who nests in it, if anyone.


  1. Hello there and welcome to Blotanical. I too love all those beautifully coloured birdboxes but I always wonder how they would cope in a British Weather. If I was to buy one I would buy one that was recommended by the birding association of your area as some birds prefer particular nesting boxes and even the size of the opening determines which bird will nest in the box. You're very welcome over at my scottish blog anytime

  2. Thank you Leaves n' bloom. I'm guessing most birdhouses are built with the customer (us) in mind, not the birds. I also learned that in addition to opening size, it's also important that there are small drilled holes at the bottom to prevent flooding during rain, and I think also to decrease insects? I visited your Scottish blog and liked it very much.


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