Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mountain trees of Stowe, Vermont

A picture from the top of Mt. Mansfield in Vermont. Trees, trees, and more trees.
Trees completely covered in snow. Amazing how they hold their shape.
I like the stark contrast between the white snow topped dead tree and the bright blue sky.


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! Even though I'm anxious for spring to be here, these are wonderful to look at.

  2. did you go on a ski trip? cool snow pics, although, I see that it's even warmer today in Stow, MA than it is in ABQ. :-)

  3. Thank you, Lynda. I'm anxious for spring as well. But being around all that snow I sure felt the spring in the warmth of the sun rays.

    Michelle, we went to Stowe, VT for 3 nights. Wed-Sat, and it was absolutely fantastic. Can't believe ABQ was colder, actually, maybe I can. It was unseasonable warm here. :)


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