Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boston Flower and Garden Show 2010 - not happening

I'm such a flake. Today is the last day out of five for Boston flower and garden show. Wasn't even aware of that it was going on. Just not on my radar. It's only 11 AM this morning and theoretically I could go, but realistically: no. My youngest has a fever, I've got a badly sprained ankle, we've got a birthday today in the family and I've got a cake to make.

In numbers, this is what I'm missing:
2 million blossoming flowers
75,000 visitors (can live without that one)
16,000 square feet of gardens
1,500 pieces of stone
1,000 plant labels
48 hours of free demonstrations and seminars
75 garden clubs
30+ garden exhibits
8 water falls and fountains
16 floral cakes and treats on display
Oh, well...


  1. Ibland är det bara vissa saker inte menat för en... Vilken mässa det verkar vara, inte liten.... Hade ju varit kul att få lite inspiration därifrån förstår jag, men ja, ibland vill det sig inte bara :-) Det kommer fler mässor... Oj, vad många 'jag-vill-gå på-mässor' jag missat p g a olika anledningar...

    Ha' det gott!

  2. Hi again, sorry I almost missed your comment! I don't tend to use fb but I cannot remember how I found you - via a few differnt blogs I'm sure.
    It is right at the end of summer hear, in fact it's autumn but the days are still very nice.
    The garden show you mentioned sounds amazing - such a pity to miss it!

  3. I had no idea they even did this in Boston. Guess I missed out too.

  4. oh, and sorry about the fever... hope he's feeling better today.

  5. Yupp, the garden show would have been great for inspiration and sharing. Pitt I missed it as Sarah put it.
    Michelle, they skipped last year and they are in a new location now. Went for the first time the year befire that. E is feeling better, thanks.


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