Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunshine on a rainy day

My birthday brought rain - lots of it.
My sister in law - she brought sunshine - enough to make up for all the rain that fell today.
Late morning, she knocked on the door, carrying a big tray in one hand and a beautiful gift bag in the other.
The tray was a seed starter with 5 different kinds of seeds already started for me. There was 5 tomato sweetie, 5 lemon-lime basil, 5 foxglove Excelsior hybrid, 5 dahlia victorian mix, and 5 giant white moon flower.
And in the bag, among several thoughtful little presents, was the thick magazine Easy Edible Garden. Filled with beautiful pictures, edible garden tips and mouthwatering recipes.
How perfect on a rainy day.
Thank you Susan!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! SOunds like a reat day to me :)

  2. Grattis i efterskott! (Det var du alltså som fyllde år...tänkte på mässan...).

    Vilken underbar svägerska du verkar ha...vilken uppvakting :-) Förstår att du blev glad (vem skulle inte ha blivit det, med så'n omtanke).

    Ha' det bra!

  3. Grattis i efterskott!

    Vilken underbar gåva!

  4. Oh, happy birthday then..., a day late. Funny, it's my husband's birthday today and I will attempt to cook a special meal!

  5. Thank you all for your birthday wishes. :)

  6. What a thoughtful sister, and a great gift!


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