Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here's a nursery I'd like to visit

You might know by now that I love visiting nurseries and shopping. Well here's a nursery that I would love to spend a day at, Petersham Nurseries in Richmond Surrey, United Kingdom.

It looks as though someone who loves gardening and nature works here. Someone who has an eye for the beautiful. It's a feast for your eyes. Gorgeous shop, garden and flowers. Nice gift and antique shop. I personally think that antique shops pair exceptionally well with nurseries.

The displays are so beautiful that they make you linger. The look is rustic and natural.

I love this wagon display. So cute. And the old wooden box next to it with the potted plant on top.

And, another thing that I wish more nurseries and garden centers had, a teahouse or café. It's just the perfect setting, isn't it. Who wouldn't love to have a cup of coffee, or a lunch, surrounded by beautiful flowers. But I don't ever see it around here.

I doubt I'll ever visit this place, I'm not even exactly sure where Richmond Surrey is. I think it's outside London. But, it's definitely keep it on my list of desirable places to visit.

Credits: The pictures above are by permission from Petersham Nurseries


  1. Hej igen!
    Jättefint inlägg, tack för tipset! Ha en bra kväll!

  2. Tack själv för titten! I have learned more about the restaurant/café. I guess is quite a popular place and you need reservations weeks in advance.

  3. Kul att du hittade till min sida. Välkommen på K2keramiks utställning "Den Inofficiella Bröllopsservisen" på Rosendal 4-24 juni!


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