Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Which Hazel is this?

If April showers brings May flowers, what does March showers bring? After more than three days of nonstop pouring rain, the sun finally appeared today - and it was so welcome. I got in my car to head to the nearby nurseries, hoping to find some pansies, desperate for some color, but I got disappointed. First of all, I couldn't get to a couple of them because of flooded roads. Second, a few of the nurseries are not open yet. I could see plenty of activity, but no "we're open" signs. Third, the nurseries and shops that are open don't sell them yet. It's mid-March, 50 degrees outside and the sun is shining. Sounds like pansy time to me. Oh, well.

What made my day though, was the witch hazel that I stumbled upon while turning my car around in somebody's driveway. I've never been up close to them before, only read about them in my gardening books, and I was blown away. So gorgeous! And the scent, especially the orange one, was fantastic, entoxicating. Unfortunately, the trees were in somebody else's garden, with the branches reaching out over the fence. I didn't feel comfortable staying longer than to just take a few pictures and doing a couple of deep inhales. Ahhhh.....

If anyone should know what the name of the top hazel is, would you be so kind and educate me?


  1. It could be Jelena - I have that one growing in my garden

  2. Hello
    Trollhassel, Hamamelis intermedia finns i olika färger. Den du frågar om kan vara en `Aphrodite´, `Orange Beauty´ eller `Ruby Glow´ .
    Du kanske hittar din färg om du googlar. Till exempel hit:


    Jag har den gula.
    Som svar på julrosen kan jag säga, att den är fotograferad utanför en blomsterhandel och den stod på en pall eller dylikt. Annars hade jag nog fått krypa nere på trottoaren för att få denna vinkel. Men den var nog sisådär 40 cm ungefär. Tror att det är sälg bakom.
    Ha det gott!

  3. Hej!

    Tack för kommentaren på min blogg! Mina favoritfärger på penséer är annars orange och vit. Men ibland är det riktigt svårt att välja (och just nu finns de knappt att köpa...alldeles för tidigt egentligen)

    Riktigt kul att hitta till din blogg också!

    /Ha det gott

  4. Thanks for your help. There are more kinds of witch hazel than I thought and I think your suggestions of it being either a Jelena or an Aphrodite might be right. Guess I could also go back and knock on the door and ask the owner.

  5. Hej Annelie
    Så roligt att du hittade till mig...jag blir otroligt glad varje gång jag kan besöka en ny spännande blogg.Vackra och intressanta foton du visar!
    Ha en underbar helg

  6. Nog är det trollhassel, en av vårens budbärare. Härliga bilder.
    Trevlig helg


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