Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Visit to the garden center 2

I can spend hours at Russell's Garden Center, and that's winter time when only the shop is open, not the outside. Here are a few things I looked at. Above, those mushrooms are so colorful and fun. Would they look good somewhere in my garden?
Maybe it's the lack of gardening activities at the end of winter speaking here, but those faux flowers are looking pretty good. Inspiring to make an arrangement.
Love the urns on the top shelf with the antique finnish. And the little faux boxwoods are cute.
Isn't this pig adorable? Take me home!
Would my husband think I'm crazy if I decorated like this? Can't stop looking. Really like the moss globes. What can I do with those? Maybe put them in a big wicker basket on the floor?


  1. I miss Russell's so much! I must make a trip down there sometime. I didn't realize they have such a beautiful selection of faux flowers and plants. I haven't figured out a way to keep my cats out of live plants...not sure I want to do the hanging houseplant look. So maybe faux is the way to go?

  2. these posts are making me want to plant some sort of life somewhere around here... much too brown...I think I need a big pot of pansies.

  3. Hi, nice blog you have here, I like the pig too, and those moss balls are awsome, I hope you got some.

  4. Suzanne, if you're looking to buy faux flowers, I think Russels might have them. Mostly in 'cut' flower style though, not the 'pot' style. Are there any plants that cats don't like? Have to look into that. I forget, do you have a ledge over your fireplace? Would the cats jump up there?

    Michelle, big pot of pansies sounds so good to me too right about now, surprised there aren't any at the local stores to buy yet. Maybe next weekend. No green in ABQ yet?

    Thanks, Stone Art. I have to say the same about your blog. Unfortunately, my husband would likely not approve of it. But I can dream. The moss globes are likely to come home with me at the next visit though. :)


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