Sunday, April 25, 2010

A relaxing day

Yesterday, my brother-in-law invited us to spend the day at their house. It's a beautiful house by the ocean with a well tended garden. Coming here is like going on a vacation. We just plump down on their wicker chairs and out comes the cool drinks and appetizers, and the conversation is on. Sitting there, in good company, enjoying a perfectly sunny and warm spring day, was just soooo relaxing.

I brought my camera, so I just had to take a few pictures of the beautiful Greek Revival house and its garden to share with you.
Pansies were planted everywhere providing a rainbow of color where ever you looked. At the corner of the porch is a big hydrangea that had just started to uncurl a few little green leaves. In the summer time, that hydrangea is a show stopper.
Here is my favorite area by the koi pond. Just love the sound of moving water. Beautiful is the blooming forsythia that really stands out against the white fence, next to pansies, hostas, tulips and last but not least - the rhododendron tree. It has plenty of buds, but probably has a couple of weeks left before it blooms. I also like the little sun basking sea otter.
The heron has been trying to catch his dinner here, so this pond had to be covered by a net. My boys love feeding the fish. One of my boys aimed poorly and the food landed on top of one of the big lilly pads. It was actually funny watching the fish trying to retrieve it.
Close up of one of the tulips under neath the forsythia in the glowing afternoon sun.

I just love coming here. As soon as I leave, I can't wait to come back.


  1. I love the pictures of this house! I have heard you talk about it so many times, so it's great to see what it really looks like. What a retreat! Beautiful gardens...

  2. What a beautiful garden and home. It sounds like you had a lovely time relaxing outside. Have a great week :)

  3. Deeeet var ett vackert och pampigt hus (vilka pelare....)!!! Kan riktigt leva mig in i din beskrivning av vistelsen där med avkoppling och gott sällskap. Passar ihop med det storslagna huset. Å, mycket fin trädgård har dom också! Skojsigt med maten till fiskarna...:-)

    Det är verkligen roligt att få se dom amerikanska miljöer du visar!

    De blå knopparna är förresten någon slags scilla.

    Ha en skön vecka Annelie!

  4. Nämen nää vad fint. Där vill jag bo.:-) Kram Stina

  5. beautiful!! I wouldn't want to leave!
    Happy Monday

  6. What a beautiful place! Pansies look so good with the white background. I also love your seashells & blooms from your previous post!

  7. Meeen, guuu´va fint!!!

    Vart är det han bor?



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