Monday, May 24, 2010

May favorite

Towards the end of May, my little hill of perennials puts on a beautiful display of bluish-purple and chartreuse. Out of the whole blooming season, this is my absolute favorite. I was sitting on my porch last night with a glass of white wine in my hand watching the colors transform as the sun was setting.

The last rays of the day made the garden glow. The flowers appeared to take on a different color than at daytime. The catnip looked more to be of a light purple here than light blue. The hummingbirds like my catnip, but I don't think they have arrived yet. Come to think of it, I should probably get my hummingbird feeder out. This will be the year that I capture one on picture.

This is a picture taken in the morning when the plants are backlit. Just love how the sunlight will show off my garden in different ways, depending on what time of day it is. I often bring my camera outside while my children are waiting for the school bus in the morning. There is always something new to discover in the garden, and at this time of year, things happen overnight.

I like the razor sharp, dark green, iris leaves against the softer, smaller and jagged, pale green leaves of the spirea.

The meadow sage is just beautiful with its intense and vibrant color. It is intensified by the chartreuse spirea in the background.

For some amazing pictures of the meadow sage, visit Lars Forslin's blog Perenner, here. The blog is in Swedish, but what I really want you to see is the pictures. Some of them are like paintings with brush strokes. I can almost guarantee that you will be tempted to plant more meadow sage if you visit the blog.


  1. Oh gorgeous! Your garden is indeed glowing!

  2. I love the color of chartreuse in the garden and I think it is underused. It looks fantastic next to the purple flowers.

  3. Stunning! Your garden looks amazing!Is it huge? It looks to be very big.
    ps re my horse..I bought him late last year from an antique shop - he'd just come out from England and was part of a deceased estate. I love him :)

  4. Ljuset är fascinerande, förändrar mycket hur man uppfattar saker. Ofta försöker jag fota riktigt tidigt på morgonen men vissa trädgårdar är det annat som gäller, skogslika trädgårdar kan man behöva en hel dag för att få rätt bilder. Stäppsalvian är vacker! ha det gott/Sophia

  5. Thanks, Shari!
    Noelle- I completely agree with you. I would like more of those plants. Many plants open chartreuse in the spring, and then turn darker.
    Thank you Sarah! My garden is just big enough, it's
    half an acre. Love that horse you got.
    Sophia- Skulle vara kul att fota lite skogslika trädgårdar. Ibland önskar jag att jag hade mer skugga för det är kul att fota och dessutom finns det en hel del skugg växter som jag gillar men inte kan plantera i min trädgård.

  6. Hej Annelie,

    Mmm låter ju superhärligt att bara sitta och njuta av all färgprakt (med ett glas vin hihi) i trädgården en ljummen sommarkväll :) Fina färger!

    Psst! Du borde utfärda en ormvarning på din sida ;)

    -från en numera skräckslagen bloggare :S

  7. reading your blog is like going to the spa for 5 minutes in the middle of the day. ahhh....


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