Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A work of driftwood

Pictured below is Nimis. It is a series of driftwood constructions built by the Swedish (very controversial) artist Lars Wilk.

Nimis is located by the coast in Kullaberg Nature Reserve in Sweden. The artist started building these structures in 1980, and due to its remote location, the government was unaware of the construction for several years.

In 1996, Lars Wilk proclaimed this area of 1 km² to be a micro nation within Sweden to protest the governments ruling that the structures are houses, illegal to be built on a nature reserve, and need to be torn down.

Over the years, Nimis has brought thousands of visitors, among those, my friend Helena, at the Butterflymom blog, who so kindly let me use her pictures.

Helena tells from her visit that the path to the art work was very long and difficult.
The artist himself has made about 5000 trips over the years to create Nimis.

Most information is acquired by the not completely reliable source Wikipedia.


  1. SO interesting! What a fascinating place to visit :)

  2. Hmmmm, not so sure about this. Can't say that it looks beautiful..., but fascinating for sure.

    Oh, Carmel is so on my radar..., we're just not sure if I want to move to the west coast.

  3. Hej Annelie,

    Vilket plockepinn. Är det därifrån Liseberg fått idén till Balder tro? Hihi! Har faktiskt sett denna bild på en annan blogg för längesen, men jag visste inte att den stod i Sverige... intressant!

    Tack för din input om hortensior. Verkar som en del sorter tål mer än andra och inte behöver så mycket underhåll ändå. Passar ju mig rätt så bra.

    Ha en bra dag,

  4. Wow vad kul att du varit i mina hemtrakter. Känner Lars lite grann.
    Gillar verkligen Nimis
    Ha det gott


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